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Lucky Dave

In the line of fire

AFTER sneezing a thousand times, I went to the chemist for a cure. The only one open nearby was one of those large, bargain-basement pharmacies.

“How’s your day been?” I asked the checkout dude.

“Just peachy,” he replied. “It’s been a rollicking, rambunctious day.”

The store was very quiet. My guy was somewhere between 16 and 20, with dark, wavy hair swept back from his forehead.

THIS is how all my stories about hitch-hiking begin: I was waiting on the side of the road, near x, when y pulled up. This time, read: Seymour and a mid-sized truck.

The set up is the same, but what happens next is always different.

Dave wore a baseball cap and wrap-around sunnies. “I’m not allowed to give you a lift,” he said as I climbed up. “But stuff it, I’ve lost my job anyway.”

Jailed Australian journalist Peter Greste goes to trial in a Cairo court today. His arrest underlines the growing dangers faced by reporters just trying to do their job.

PETER Greste made his last live cross on Al Jazeera’s English network on Saturday December 28. “Egypt is still functioning pretty much as normal,” he said. “But what we’re seeing is a growing sense of unease, of disorder, of insecurity.”